About Showsec

Showsec has consistently led the way in the professional delivery of crowd management and security services in a fast evolving live events industry. The company has the experience and knowledge to create tailored crowd management plans, as well as the resources and expertise to deliver them.

Showsec are Europe’s largest event security supplier, with 87 full time staff, 200 supervisors and more than 2400 casual workers. These are supported by a strong management team.

Showsec has advanced standards industry-wide through its commitment to development and improvement. Working with government bodies, trade associations and professional agencies Showsec has pro-actively implemented numerous innovations.

The company has developed staff training programmes, of which the Showsec Academy is the latest. It has also created progressive service partnerships which deliver significant benefits for clients in areas such as licensing applications and health & safety risk assessments.

Showsec believes future success depends upon creating a good working environment for staff and developing the services it provides to clients. This creates the foundations of the company ethos. As each client has different needs, it is Showsec’s fundamental objective to work with all clients to establish and meet their individual requirements.